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Getting there,
how to find the 3camere

After leaving the train, train passengers take the escalator, which leads them to the station passerelle with a shopping street. The advertisements for Töpfenbach and Mediamarkt are clearly visible there. If you walk in the direction of these shops (and not in the direction of the Bahnhofhalle/Centralbahnplatz), you will reach the Süd Gundeldingen station exit. There you go straight ahead into Gempenstrasse, turn left at the light signal and after about 50 meters you are already in 3camere, where I look forward to welcoming you.

Airplane passengers: Those arriving at Centralbahnplatz by airport bus should go into the station hall and take the escalator, which will take you to the station passerelle (see directions for train passengers from here).



Here As a train passenger or plane passenger, download instructions on how to find the 3camere quickly and easily. If you are traveling by car, click here.

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