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Basel, the fascinating city

Mobility in the city

When you're here you'll need itTram network timetable (as PDF). A note: our station is on line 16, Gundeldingen station entrance (1 cm in 08:00 h position from the SBB station). And if you want to go to the trade fair,* you have to change to lines 6, 14 or 15 at Barfüsser, Marktplatz or Schifflände.

*speaking of “have to”, you don’t have to do anything. You can also just stay seated, then simply drive from Schifflände back via the Gundeldingen station entrance to Bruderholz and back... and back again. With the mobility ticket from 3camere you can always travel back and forth.

Always? No! The ticket is only valid from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.... there are no trams the rest of the time!


We finally have a usable onemap found. Unfortunately we had to snip it together and read it again and as a result the quality suffered somewhat. We also don't know whether it is legally protected. You can find the original here.


And then of course the websiteBasel Tourism; complete, informative, super-recommended

Food and Drink

When the trade fair is over, the business is done or quite simply: when your stomach says you are hungry: that's it rustic be? Or, if this bar is occupied (as it usually is), here is onealternative. In summer, of course, a must, the "Costa", the right bank of the Rhine.


And we like to go there for evening drinksPoison Hut, near the market square. Or just opposite, the "Chateau Lapin", or in plain German: The Hasenburg: GGG= good, cheap, sociable.


Of course, that's not the end of the story, these are just our preferred stains. In Basel you can discuss politics in the simple neighborhood bar, max out your credit card limits in night clubs or dine elegantly in exquisite star restaurants. You can find the complete offer here.

Culture and diversion

If you want to enrich yourself culturally, then you are in paradise and you have to plan a stay of at least two weeks. In addition to constantly changing events, you will find museums, art houses, galleries, concert halls and theaters. Here you can get inspired.


If you're simply looking for a little diversion, perhaps a visit to the Zolli (German: Zoo) is the right thing, it can be reached from the 3camere in just a few minutes. Or quite simply, a leisurely stroll through the city with a crossing of the Rhine with one ferry. Or a comfortable one Rhine cruise ...maybe with dinner?


It's a little further away, but still worth a visit Europe Park or a trip to that Alsacewith the cozy villages and the cozy restaurants


Or, also with just a few steps

reachable,the St. Margarethen Park,

a green oasis, next to the 3camere

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